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The fees for the ITT programmes in 2024/25 are £9250.

As a student you will not have to pay your tuition fees at the start of the course. These will be paid by a government loan which is available for any student who is eligible for funding and secures a place in higher education.

You will only repay your loan once you are in employment and earning over £25000. You will then begin paying monthly instalments at a fixed rate of 9% of your total salary. The table below contains examples of salaries and the monthly repayments.


Monthly repayment









For more information:

Some SCITT courses also attract a training bursary which is non repayable. How much you are entitled to depends on both the subject you are studying and the classification of your first degree - but could be up to £26k (with more available for some subjects).

You can find out more about current bursaries here.

Scholarships and bursaries may also be available from subject specific associations. Contact us for more information .

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